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Gram’s Roasted Chicken & the resulting stock

Tonight we were in the mood for some comfort food.  Not the kind that that is drizzled in cheese (though I am always in the mood for that…) but something that we could pop in the oven, and would unquestionably turn into a delicious meal. The first time we ever made a whole chicken, my […]

Thanksgiving 2015

Growing up in a family that puts great value on tradition, holidays throughout the years have had familiar and comforting smells, sounds, games, and jokes. With so much chaos happening in the world and in our lives,  Thanksgiving this year was a time to gather, reflect, mourn, remember, and appreciate.  Our first holiday without mom […]

Meal Memories

Life is filled with fault lines, places where our framework shifts and leaves us forever altered.  Recently, I have found comfort within the kitchen as I plan meals for the upcoming week, finagle my way through preparation, anxiously hand the spoon to others for a second opinion, and undoubtedly need to reach over for some […]