Spicy Quick Pickled Radishes

I sit here tonight, typing this post, as the sun slowly sets on a great summer. Soon to rise with the start of a new school year.  Teachers return tomorrow for a week of professional learning in preparation for our students arrival after labor day.

quick pickles food processor.JPG

The start of the school year is somewhat like new years eve for teachers – a time to reflect, set intentions, and dream about the year ahead.  For me, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to maintain the essence of summer and relaxation that I’ve cultivated over the course of these last few months – and I’ve realized that many lessons I‘ve learned on the yoga mat translate to the rest of my life.  So, on the eve of a new school year, here are some lessons I’ll take with me.

  1. Be intentional.  Move slowly and take the time to make purposeful decisions.
  2. Be kind to yourself. There will be things that feel lovely and things that feel hard. That’s all part of the journey.
  3. Figure out what your body needs and do that! Only you can know yourself and your needs, so take the time to listen.
  4. When you start to feel it, that’s when you’re doing it right. My yoga teacher often says “breathe into the discomfort – study it – learn from it.”

A month from now when the pace of life picks up you can remind me to reflect on these lessons!

quick pickled radishes ingredients_2

Ok, back to these pickles. With one final day of summer remaining I decided to experiment with a new multi-step dish that was a smashing success –  greek lamb meatball pitas stuffed with feta, homemade hummus, and spicy quick pickled radishes. I’ll post the final results later in the week, but first let’s start with these small flavor bomb pickles.

quick pickled radishes ball jar

The original recipe for these pickles comes from this site, and I followed it directly. Almost.  The only addition I made was adding a jalapeno to the jar which added another spicy pickle to the final dish and added a bit of heat to the radishes, as well.  Stay tuned – the lamb meatball pitas and homemade hummus are coming soon!

Excited to bring these delicious bites to Fiesta Friday hosted this week by Mollie @ The Frugal Hausfrau and Mikaela @ Iris and Honey

Spicy Quick Pickled Radishes

  • Servings: 8-10
  • Print

These quick pickled radishes have a nice spicy kick and last in the fridge for a while. They are great on tacos, in salads, on fish and so much more!



  • 16 oz fresh radishes
  • 1 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 teaspoon whole mustard seeds
  • 1 teaspoon fresh black pepper
  • 2 bay leaf
  • 1 teaspoon crushed red pepper
  • 2 jalapenos (optional)

Steps & Notes

  1. Cut the ends off of the radishes and place into a food processor using the slicing blade
  2. Once sliced, place all radishes into a large jar.
    • Optional – place sliced jalapenos into the jar, as well
  3. In a soup pot combine the vinegar, water, sugar, salt, mustard seed, black pepper, bay leaf, and red pepper
  4. Bring to a boil and mix to ensure all sugar has dissolved
  5. Pour into the jar over the radishes
  6. Cover with the lid and let sit for an hour until it reaches room temperature
  7. Refrigerate for 3-4 hours then serve




  1. Great post! I love the list of lessons learned from the yoga mat. Sounds like some great tips to live by.The recipe is interesting. I hadn’t thought of pickling radishes.

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    1. I continue to be amazed at how many lessons from yoga really do translate to life off the mat! Thank you for the note.

      If you like pickles I’d highly suggest these. They add such a nice crunch and flavor.

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  2. mistimaan · · Reply



  3. Ooh I love pickled radishes! They are delicious on anything (unfortunately they smell pretty bad, no one knows why) and these look great, will definitely try!

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  4. I couldn’t agree more with your reflections…intention is always the starting point. Love, love, love radishes…they are so pretty and jewel-like…and their tasty crunch is a nice addition to many dishes!

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    1. Thank you for the lovely comment. Taking the time to focus on intentions has truly helped to shift my perspective in a lovely way.

      And yes, these radishes are a sneaky and subtle star!


  5. I love your lessons, too! And I’ve been in a lot of pain lately and thought – this is just what I need!!

    I so wanted to love roasted radishes when I first heard of them because when you buy radishes, you have to have a big bunch and I have a hard time getting through them for salads, tacos and just munching but I hated them!! Pickling, though sounds like a great solution!! I can’t wait to try your recipe!

    Thanks for bringing this by Fiesta Friday!


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    1. Thank you for the note! After making this recipe and having some for dinner I chopped up a jalapeno and let that sit in the fridge overnight as well and they added a lovely heat. If you don’t mind spice I’d suggest adding that to your jar. Let me know if you try pickling – I’d love your thoughts and feedback!


  6. […] have much heat. But, that also made it it the perfect spread for lamb meatball pitas stuffed with spicy quick pickled radishes and […]

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  7. I agree that pickled radishes are such a winner – they can jazz up even the plainest of salads. Enjoy the start of the school term!


  8. […] meatballs themselves packed with rich spices but the addition of the cooling lemon garlic hummus, spicy pickled radishes, and some fresh lettuce made the culminating pita a mouthwatering treat.  I used this recipe as a […]


  9. […] to make this for dinner and make my typical salad for lunch (mixed greens, hard boiled eggs, feta, pickled radishes, sunflower seeds, red onion, and farro). One important note I did find is that if you do want to […]


  10. […] come up with as many new ones as usual.  Some of my favorites that I’ve been making are these spicy quick pickled radishes, my lentil and spinach filled shepherd’s pie topped with cauliflower, and salmon with avocado […]


  11. […] we were quite surprised to pull out three full BAGS of jalapenos – 18 in total! I’ve made pickled radishes and jalapenos, jalapeno and garlic panko crusted pork with roasted brussels sprouts, and a cheesy jalapeno […]


  12. […] also some necessary comfort. Over this past year our household go to meals have included batches of spicy pickled radishes, cauliflower shepherds pie, some whole roasted chickens, and enough chili to fill our newly […]


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