Meal Memories

Life is filled with fault lines, places where our framework shifts and leaves us forever altered.  Recently, I have found comfort within the kitchen as I plan meals for the upcoming week, finagle my way through preparation, anxiously hand the spoon to others for a second opinion, and undoubtedly need to reach over for some more salt.  Thus, I commit to begin a record of my thoughts and my journey.  A place where I will store my favorite meals, hopefully inspire myself to keep trying new recipes, and maybe even connect with others.

A few years back I began a simple journal on my computer where I recorded fun meals that my family shared. I wrote down our inside jokes, recounted the day, and made sure to keenly observe.

“At 12:30, after a morning of resting, reading, settlers of catan, and breakfast sandwiches, our meal preparation began.  Mom and I ventured out to the store to gather the remaining grocery items we realized we forgot (hot mustard, snap peas, etc.) and relished the opportunity to go to the kitchen-wares store to search for ramekins for the lava cakes.

When we returned to the house, around 1:45, we found the boys splitting wood for next winter in the driveway. A true Vermont scene.  Mom decided to put the meat into the freezer for a few minutes to make cutting easier (wise trick!), and I prepared an asian dipping sauce that I found online.“

I embark on this journey to ensure I keep listening to the cooks around me and to share all of this wisdom with the world.



  1. It’s funny, but I do the same!


  2. That’s wonderful! I have found it so fun to re-read and reminisce over all of the small moments. 🙂

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